To help you to determine how you feel about your smile, take a moment to answer the following questions.

  • Are you missing one or more teeth or wear problematic dentures?
  • Are you pleased with the general appearance of your teeth and smile?
  • Are your teeth straight?
  • Are there spaces between your front teeth that you dislike?
  • Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth?
  • Are you satisfied with the shape of your teeth?
  • Are any of your teeth chipped, protruding or hidden?
  • Are you satisfied with the way your teeth come together?
  • Do you have old fillings or dental work that makes you less confident about your smile and/or appearance?
  • What would you like to change about the appearance of your teeth?
  • How would you like your teeth to look to maximize your smile?
  • What about your family? Are you happy with their smiles?

At Stratford Family Dental, whether you are interested in dental veneers or dental implants in Harford County, or one of our many other options for enhancing your smile, you’ll know you are receiving the utmost in quality service.

Call us today to discuss your options for a smile you’re proud to show off!

  • Most insurance accepted
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  • Second opinions given
  • Emergency care

  • 6 – 12 month interest-free financing

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